Science fiction is fun generally, but it can be tedious if you’re not into the story. Therefore, I believe there’s a market for smaller, bite-sized science-fiction that you can skim until you find something neat—nanofic, in short. Each short story on this blog is approximately a single page.

The stories take place in one of two universes.

The first is the HARD universe. The science here is rock hard for millennia into the future. No nasty warp drives or time travel, realistic issues including limited fuel, centuries-long interstellar travel, colonization.

The second is the SOFT universe. The science here is merely plausible or conceivable, not inevitable. This universe is smaller and in some ways less-interesting than the first.

Where applicable, stories have their own contemporary and independent narrators. That is, some stories will talk about the recent 2290s, while others will talk about the 7531-7551 Human-Tassad War or the “current” galactic empire of CE 20000. Fictional narrators, of course, have knowledge limited to the time periods in which they reside. All stories have been organized into a chronology.

NanoFicSciFi is completely independent of other sci-fi franchises. However, the term “UFP” is also used by Star Trek. There is an endless variety of similar permutations (e.g. FUS, USF, USFA, UP, UPF, TF, UCF, etc.) that all mean essentially the same thing and are also already taken. My energy is better spent writing than removing such unavoidable aliasing.

NanoFicSciFi is self-rated PG/PG-13 for occasional strong language and astrophysics.

The model used in the header was taken from the public domain.

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