Rhyme of the Future Mariner

With apologies to STC and mollymawks.

I begged to stay, but could not win;
        My job was to obey.
To blast away from house and home,
        And fly to far away.

I packed a bag and kissed goodbye;
        Tears rolled down my cheeks.
I thought I’d never last that long:
        Return in 90 weeks.

I’d tried to read their dossiers;
        To do my rightful share.
I did my duty best I could,
        To pay my rightful fare.

But once above, with world below,
        I lost my mental grip,
On those I loved I’d left behind,
        While on that worldly ship.

I ceased to work; I’d seen the void;
        I’d lost my sanity.
They tried make me go back home
        To save on delta-vee.

But I had no home—not anymore.
        I’d left behind my charge—
Once forth I’d leapt to heaven’s grip,
        And to those endless stars.